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Hi Amanda,

Marijuana often falls under the broader term drug abuse when they describe books.  As you've noticed, that can mean more than just marijuana but alcohol, meth, etc. But I did find a few books that might cover the topic for you.

For nonfiction, there is

The education-drug use connection : how successes and failures in school relate to adolescent smoking, drinking, drug use, and delinquency /

The adolescent drug-crime relationship : desistence and gateway theories across user levels /

Teen drug abuse /

Drug and alcohol abuse : the authoritative guide for parents, teachers, and counselors /

Family structure, family relationships, and adolescent drug use : a theoretical and empirical examination /

Self-esteem across the lifespan : issues and interventions /

For fiction, there is

My brother's keeper / Patricia McCormick- a teen is dealing with his brother's marijuana use

Grand River and joy / Susan Messer - this is iffy

Saint Iggy / K.L. Going - in trying to stop his friend from buying marijuana, a teen comes into contact with his mother's meth dealer

Grand River and joy / Susan Messer - a business owner discovers the stash of marijuana of a father and son who have been hiding and living in his warehouse

You would probably have better luck looking for journal articles in either the PsycInfo database or the Academic Search Premier database.  Both are available in the library's top database list.

If this doesn't work, let me know.  There are some government document-type parent's guides that might work, too.


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