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Hi Christina,

To find theories that deal with gender, religion, and power, I did a search in a few databases that the library subscribes to (all available through the All Databases A-Z link on the library homepage.):

I searched for: theor* AND (gender OR women) AND (religio* OR synagogue OR jew*) AND power

(See an exapmle at

To break that down, AND makes sure that every term connected with an AND is included in the results, OR means that any terms connected with an OR will be returned, but not necessarily all of them, parentheses group terms together (like the order of operations), and asterisks* truncate words--they return all results that start with those letters up until the * (for example, religio* will return results with the words religion, religious, religiousness, and religiosity). So, "theory AND power" gets me results that have both of those words included. "Gender OR women" means that I get the results that include either term--this is helpful for expanding my results and pulling in things that would be missed if I only used one word to describe it. Does this all make sense?

This search brought me several articles that talk about theories that may be helpful to you (though I would recommend that you try searching in these databases yourself as well--you might spot something useful that didn't catch my attention). Here are some of the theories (and associated articles) that have to do with gender, religion, power, or all three:

Hope this helps! Feel free to write me back with any other questions.

Eleanor Johnson

Social Sciences Librarian


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