Answered By: Jim Shaw
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The text you linked to at Scribd does not include the publication information or notes that would identify it as a formally published paper in a journal or book.  When I search for particular parts of the text, I find various potential sources from which they may well have been copied without proper attribution. 

Neither I nor the library have accounts with Scribd, so I cannot pull down the entire text to confirm its authenticity.  My sense is the text is a student's research paper, perhaps even a master's thesis.  Without seeing a title page, notes, or reference list, I would recommend against using it as a source.  It could well be a pirated, plagiarized work and I think it better left alone.

I recommend that you instead search in the IEEE Xplore database.  Look for the Research Tools column on the left side of the Criss Library homepage and use the All Databases A-Z directory to find the link to the database:


Searching for the IPV6 protocol in IEEE Xplore retrieves hundreds of journals articles and conference papers, almost all are immediately available as PDF files.  They range from highly technical to more general, and you will very likely be able to find many useful sources.

If you search IEEE Xplore from an off-campus computer, you will be prompted to login to your Criss Library account to confirm you are a UNO student and eligible for off-campus access.  If you have not already created your library account, please see the attached PDF file for instructions.

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